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How to Request

Please carefully read the instructions below, if we do not arrange a pickup prior to your arrival, there may not be anyone onsite to provide services. Please note that we are located in Los Angeles and do not have the funds to ship outside of the area. We have pickups scheduled every other Wednesday. 

To request a tent fill out the form below, one of our team members will respond to your provided email address as soon as possible about how to proceed. We ask if you like to contribute to our publication advocacy social media series to further understand the homelessness situation in Los Angeles, however participation is optional.

For any follow up or other inquiries, please contact us at

Unhoused Creatives

The Unhoused Creatives is a publication advocacy social media series to highlight unhoused or previously unhoused original creative works . 

Our initiative aims to collect invaluable insights from those we have assisted. We hope to enlighten the public about the multifaceted challenges of people experiencing unstable housing across Los Angeles and to provide policymakers with authentic voices advocating for change. By including firsthand accounts, we hope to offer a humanizing narrative that goes beyond statistics. 


If you reside outside of our service area (Los Angeles), we have a list of other programs on our resources page that may be helpful to you.

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