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Help homeless people


Tent & Sleeping Bag Donations

We are currently seeking donated tents, sleeping bags, and tarps. You may mail your donated items or drop them off at our Los Angeles office listed below.

If you have several items to donate and are unable to mail or deliver them to our office, please email us and describe the items you wish to donate and identify the neighborhood where you reside. We will email or call you to discuss whether we are able to pick up the items.

In Person & Mail Donation Instructions

You can stop by our office M-F 9am - 5pm and drop off your donation items in person. Please email before to be sure we are in the office.

Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law
256 S. Occidental Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057.

Tent on street

Tax Deductible Donations

Our efforts are aimed at addressing the pressing need of homeless people for a basic shelter to protect themselves from the rain or cold nights when emergency housing in a shelter program is not available. Your donations help us provide tents, sleeping bags, blankets, and other supplies to the vulnerable individuals and their families experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

Every $25 donated to this project will provide a protective, durable, and lightweight tent or sleeping bag to a homeless person. Your tax deductible donation in any amount will be used exclusively to provide tents and sleeping bags to people without access to shelters.

Homeless child


If your organization would like to get involved with our cause, please contact us at

California Government
Los Angeles local government
Camping World
El Rescate
Whole Foods
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Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 11.13.50 AM.png
Row House
Smart and Final
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View our Other Projects

At the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law we run simultaneously run multiple projects, if you would like to contribute to our general funding or another specific project, follow the link below to our main website.

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